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General information and registration

SPARK is an electric car sharing service in the city of Bucharest. The electric cars can be located and reserved via the SPARK mobile application on your smartphone. You can travel anywhere in Romania using SPARK electric vehicles, however you are only allowed to start and end trips within the defined zones of Bucharest.
Electric car is silent so you will not hear usual engine sounds when you start it. All SPARK electric cars are with automatic transmission. Driving and steering is exactly the same as in a conventional car with automatic transmission. SPARK electric cars are powered by re-chargeable batteries. The estimated level of the battery charge, travel range and consumption as KW/ 100 km are displayed on the car's panel. Information regarding the estimated level of battery charge and travel range can also be found in the SPARK mobile application. Travel range of the car depends on the capacity of the battery, weather conditions and the driving style of an individual. During winter periods the driving range is decreased for all types of electric vehicles. You can charge the SPARK vehicles at any of the stations visible within the mobile app or at the public stations of our partners. The charging stations must be compatible with Type 2, CCS nd CHAdeMO connectors depending on the vehicle model. In order to start the SPARK electric cars, follow the steps below (depending on the vehicle model): SPARK electric car Renault ZOE is started as follows:
  1. Press and hold BRAKE pedal (also confirm that the car is in P (Park) transmission position);
  2. Press ENGINE START/STOP button;
  3. Electric car is started, when there is a start signal and you see the text READY on the vehicle screen;
  4. Double-check if the manual brake has been engaged. If so, you can disable it the same way as with any traditional car;
  5. Press the button on the gear switch, move it to the desired position (D for forward or R for reverse), release the brake pedal and begin driving SPARK electric car.
SPARK electric car Nissan Leaf 40 is started as follows:
  1. Press and hold BRAKE pedal (also confirm that the car is in P (Park) transmission position);
  2. Without releasing the brake press ENGINE START/STOP button;
  3. Electric car is started, when there is a start signal and you see the text READY on the car screen;
  4. Make sure the hand-brake is disengaged. You can find the hand-brake button next to the gear switch knob and it is clearly marked with a P. If the switch light is on, press it to disengage.
  5. The car gear knob is located between the front seats. Press it to the left and forward for reverse (R) or left and backward for forward (D). The park position (P) is activated by simply pressing on the knob.
  6. Release the brake and begin driving SPARK electric car.
SPARK electric car BMW i3 is started as follows:
  1. Press and hold BRAKE pedal
  2. The ENGINE START/STOP button is located on the right side of the steering wheel. Without releasing the brake, press the START/STOP button.
  3. The vehicle will turn on and the light on the START/STOP button will turn from red to blue colour
  4. Push the lever on the right side of the steering wheel in the D position for forward drive or R for backward.
  5. When you want to park the vehicle, just press the P button located above the START/STOP one.
  6. Release the brake and begin driving SPARK electric car.
The distance travel or otherwise known also autonomy depends a lot on the individual driving style and meteo conditions (especially the temperature). By adopting a correct electric vehicle driving style, you can enjoy the SPARK cars for as much as:
  1. Renault ZOE - up to 300 km
  2. Nissan Leaf 40 - up to 250 km
  3. BMW i3 - up to 300 km
In order to extend the travel distance and fully enjoy the vehicles, we recommend that you maintain as much as possible a constant driving speed. When required to slow-down, simply release the acceleration pedal and the vehicle will begin slowing down, while also regenerating portion of the energy consumed. Use the brake pedal only when you need to fully stop or to prevent an accident.
Each user is given the opportunity to rate the previous SPARK driver of the same electric car, on a scale of 1 to 5 – 1 star being bad and 5 stars being good. The rating system is designed to evaluate if the car has been parked appropriately; if the car's interior is clean and not littered; if all the car's items and devices are present. We recommend that you evaluate correctly the previous driver in order for everyone to have an enjoyable experience driving the SPARK electric vehicles.  
To become a SPARK user, you need to have valid category B driving license with at least 1 year experience. In addition, before first trip you need to introduce a valid debit/credit card with enabled online payments.
During SPARK registration 50 Lei will be charged from your selected payment card. This is required to validate your payment method and profile. After registration process is finished you will be automatically granted a 75 LEI coupon for the service which will be valid for 60 days.  In order to register with SPARK you need to have valid category B driving license with at least 1 year experience.
Each user is rewarded with bonus points using the SPARK service - each RON spent is the equivalent of a bonus point. After reaching a certain number of points, they can be converted into one-day vouchers, through which you can travel for free using the SPARK mobile application. The bonus points thus accumulated are valid for a period of 24 months.
You can also get bonus points when you charge the car. When the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Skoda Citigo and Renault Zoe models will have a range of less than 50 kilometers and the ⚡️symbol will appear in the application, you will be rewarded with points depending on the charged car and then you can convert them for a FREE day with the chosen car.
    The charging process:
  1. 1. Go to the nearest charging station in the SPARK application, with the rental session open.
  2. 2. Using the card in the car's glovebox or in its absence, by calling the application number, the station will be switched on, connecting the charging cable corresponding to the charging type (Type 2 - Renault ZOE, CCS - Skoda Citigo and BMW i3, CHAdeMO - Nissan Leaf ).
  3. 3. The card will then be left in the car and the session will be closed, after checking that the car is charging and you have all your personal belongings on you.
  4. 4. The car will not be available until the battery reaches 75%.
  5. 5. If all the steps have been followed, in the points section of the application you will find the points offered for charging.

Before travel

You can find the locations of SPARK electric cars and SPARK charging stations on the interactive map in the SPARK mobile application.  Tapping on a car on the map will let you reserve it for yourself. You can find charging stations within the mobile app in the charging stations menu. Nonetheless we recommend the usage also of a third party database of charging stations (i.e. Plugshare and Plugsurfing). With those apps you can see the stations available within Bucharest, as well as their status and if someone is already charging.
The reservation of a SPARK electric car lasts for up to 15 minutes and is free of charge. During this time you can either cancel the reservation or for an additional cost extend the reservation for another 15 or 30 minutes, but only once. If you wish to cancel the reservation after making an extension, the additional cost will not be reimbursed.
It is strictly forbidden to allow someone else to drive a SPARK electric car during the period of your rental session – penalties will be applied for any misuse of a SPARK electric car.
If you notice any signs of physical damage to either the SPARK electric car or any of its devices and accesories, please use the SPARK mobile application to report it before using the car.
Inside a SPARK electric car you will find the following: a User Manual, registration documents and insurance policy (RCA), charging cable, first aid kit. In accordance with the User Manual, please check if all of the above inventory is present. If you notice any deficiencies or any other discrepancies, please use the SPARK mobile application to report it before using the car.
You can unlock your reserved SPARK electric car by pressing the ‘Unlock’ button in the SPARK mobile application. Stopping temporarily with current trip still active, the vehicle is locked with its ignition key/key card. When you have completed your desired route, please leave the ignition key/key card inside the vehicle, make sure that all of the car documents are present, the charging cable is folded into its support and that you have collected all personal items. Then press the ‘Finish trip’ button in the SPARK mobile application to lock the car and to end your rental session.

Your trip

No, you are not required to return the car to the same place. After finishing your rental session of a SPARK electric car, please park the vehicle in any of the parking spots within the SPARK white zones shown on the map. You can park for free in any of the public parking zones in Bucharest. It is forbidden to leave the car in any private or commercial car park (exception being SPARK partners), or to violate any laws as set out in the Rules of Road Traffic. Otherwise penalty fees would be charged as per the Terms of Service document. Please bear in mind that leaving a SPARK electric car in an inappropriate place or outside the SPARK white zones will prevent you from successfully ending your rental session in the SPARK mobile application.
Yes. All electric cars are allowed to park for free in any public parking spot in Bucharest. Make sure sure though that you have parked in accordance with the Rules of Road Traffic, otherwise penalty fees will apply.
Please inform us by using SPARK mobile application as soon as possible.
Yes, you are allowed to as long as you respect all the Rules of Road Traffic regulations in that regard. If the child is very young, you must use appropriate child car seats.
Yes, you are allowed to take pets as long as you guarantee to prevent the SPARK electric car from getting dirty. Otherwise penalty fees would apply as per the Terms and Service document.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in any SPARK electric car respectable of type of cigarette (traditional, electronic and no burning) – penalties will be applied for any misuse of a SPARK electric car.
No, if the vehicle is in the same condition as you took it.
This may happen if: 1) you have not parked the SPARK electric car in a valid SPARK parking zone as marked on the map in the SPARK mobile application; 2) you are trying to park the SPARK electric car unplugged in a charging station with an estimated range of less than 10 kilometers. Connect the car to a charging station within the allowed SPARK parking zones and try again. You will be allowed to end your rental session.
If this should happen, please find the nearest charging station on the map in the SPARK or special third party mobile application (e.g. PlugShare or Plugsurfing). Depending on the type of charging station, the charging time may take from 40 minutes to a few hours. Please plan your trip accordingly, taking into account the charging stations availability.


The cost of a SPARK trip is calculated based on the time spent using the vehicle and the kilometers traveled during this time: Charging is done by summing the two values per minute and kilometers until the 24 hour rate limit is reached. After this time you are no longer charged for using the car during this time. The daily rental period is applied for 24 hours from the moment you opened the car through the mobile application. The cost of CASCO insurance, RCA, overhaul fees and the cost of loading are already included in the price of use. The rates apply within the daily mileage, according to the price list in the application / homepage and the car model.
All standard charges and taxes are included in the pricing, but to avoid any unexpected costs, please review the SPARK Terms and Conditions.
The fare is charged from your payment card and processed after you have finished each rental session, or after one full rental day has been reached. In case you have more than one registered payment card, the fare is taken from the card marked as your primary one in the settings of the SPARK mobile application. Should your payment card have insufficient funds, you will not be able to start a new rental session. To enable your payment card to pay for your SPARK trips, you should register your card for the secure internet shopping in your bank.
Monthly invoices are sent by email at the beginning of each month. If you require an invoice for a specific journey, then during that same month you can go to the settings of the SPARK mobile application, or the SPARK website, and request a specific invoice.
You can find your journey log and payment history in the SPARK mobile application or on the SPARK website.
You are allowed to park SPARK electric cars free of charge within any of the public parking locations in Bucharest. Parking within commercial centres and office buildings will be charged as per the specific location policies.


You can unplug the charging cable out of the vehicle charging port by pressing the switch on the key card or inside the electric car. If the cable does not unplug, contact us at the dedicated Hotline number from within the SPARK app.
You can charge a SPARK electric car at one of the charging stations marked on the map in the SPARK mobile application or any public charging station. SPARK has partnered with some of the biggest charging station networks in the country. In the glove compartment you can find RFID cards for access to their networks. To find additional stations feel free to use PlugShre app for reference. You can see public charging stations, their status, if they are occupied, as well as you can notify other users that you have occupied a certain charging station. Renault ZOE is compatible with Type 2 stations, while Nissan Leaf 40 and BMW i3 utilise the CHAdeMO/CCS fast charging. In the Nissan and BMW vehicles, you will not find a Type 2 cable by default. We recommend you to charge at the fast charging stations (CHAdeMO/CCS), which you can find directly in the SPARK app. We can provide a Type 2 cable if requested, in case you are traveling outside of the city.
Yes, you are. But not all car models support this. If the model is compatible with home charging, contact our office during normal working hours and we shall supply you with a shuko cable.

Insurance and help

All Spark cars are fully CASCO insured and have valid RCA. For more information, access the Terms and Conditions.
Please act in accordance with the Rules of Road Traffic while driving the SPARK electric cars. If you are involved into a road accident, notify immediately the SPARK support team and, if needed, the policy authorities. Make sure that no further damage can be done to the car and that you have left all the necessary documents regarding the incident within the car.
In case you are not able to use the SPARK electric car safely, please end the rental session as soon as possible, and inform us through the SPARK mobile application.

SPARK for Business

On the SPARK website www.espark.ro please click on SPARK for Business page where you enter your company’s information and email address. Your business account will be activated within 1-2 working days.
SPARK electric cars are zero-emission and noiseless vehicles. SPARK is a more cost-efficient choice for businesses than own cars (you will save on lease payments, insurance, fuel and parking expenses) or taxi and ride-sharing services. Driving the SPARK car you will reach your destination faster and in a much more cost-efficient way.
Creating a SPARK business account should take you no more than a few minutes. After receiving the account confirmation, your company shall be able to invite the company’s employees to use your SPARK business account. Authorized employees should download the SPARK mobile application (for iOS and Android smartphones) and then to complete a short personal registration
The nearest SPARK electric car can be located and unlocked by using the SPARK mobile application. SPARK vehicles are normally parked near public charging stations, at public parking spots, as well as in any of the marked locations of public interest in Bucharest (marked in white on the mobile application map).
After each calendar month corporate customers will be emailed monthly invoices, which should be settled by a bank transfer.
After reaching certain billing levels each month, your business account will qualify for a corporate discount.